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Social Media and the Business Case!!

In Uncategorized on April 27, 2009 at 11:31 pm

NewsGator Technologies  has a good post here  that highlights all the benefits of social media for businesses. Its a great resource for folks figuring out how to articulate the benefits of Social Media to their organizations.


Most often we’ve seen folks get stuck on talking about individual brands that are in the social space- most of them top of mind in the press- like twitter etc and they talk like the new converts about how “cool” this new tool is and sometime fail to make the bridge between the technology and the benefit. The above NewsGator link  gives a good breakdown. A good example for some of you may be this recent news  announcement from Nissan North America about connecting with their consumers in an online community. Another example is that of Verizon creating its own community.

Closer to home, I am beginning to build a community or our own service using – It allows me to create a community for support and feedback. So far the process has been smooth but going back to the original principle- I need to figure out the easiest and most seamless way to integrate this service with the existing business process inside our organization.

The key blocker to a successful social media rollout is the absence of any bridge between the tool and the business process its supposed to support. As such in the absence of such a bridge- the technology becomes a toy and as a result you will see that most , in fact all organizations are playing with social media on the fringes – like that marketing guy building a pilot community.

For Enterprises looking to get ahead and breakout , they need to bring the social media strategy right to to the core of their business planning process in order to serve their customers. I would like to refer to that old adage- the customer is the reason we exist he is not an annoyance or an afterthought , satisfying the customer is our primary objective.

I will put out an update on the process I used internally to make my case and how I integrated stuff into my business process. Let us know if you would be interested in it.

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